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Many phenomenal companies get overlooked because they don’t do many of these simple things. Interestingly enough, what stage of the company you’re at has very little impact on what on whether or not you’re successful. People like the prospects of “What you could become” no matter what stage of development you’re in.

Wigl is ages from a real product but still managed to raise 2+ million in a couple of days. Knightscope is looking at going public with several million in revenue. SolarRoadways has the record for the fastest-selling campaign, but still very early in its development as a business.

This innovative renewable energy play certainly has been turning heads. Flower Turbines possesses a vast array of patents and is currently selling products in nearly every country. They have patents in Asia, Europe, and the United States.

The company initially went on StartEngine in 2019 with a mere 8 million dollar valuation, now they have rocketed to success in their expansion raising over 2 million at a whopping 60 million dollar valuation. The appeal of a green energy company, already expanding into international markets, tons of sales, all protected by a vast patent portfolio has attracted a lot of attention…

The company made worldwide news a few years back with its marketing video “Solar FREAKIN Roadways” and the hype around the company has followed it to StartEngine, an equity crowdfunding site where you can buy real shares in startups. Its popularity on the site is unmatched, breaking every record possible on the site. They sold out their first 1.09 million dollar offering in less than a day, then upped the amount to 1.5 million, to a total of 2.5 million, and again, sold out in less than 24 hours.

Despite their unmatched ability to raise money, viral campaign, and overall…

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Yes, you read that right. In the most recent futuristic, but semi disturbing video, Elon Musk implanted Neuralink into some monkey's brains, and they used it to play Pong. The now Viral video named “Monkey Pong” is currently sitting at about 2 million views, seen here:

While I doubt it’s the case, there really is nothing confirming the claims in the video to be true, and it could be fake. That being said, assuming it’s true, it definitely serves as an interesting development in technology. …

Every site you go on has taken a different approach to equity crowdfunding. Each started at different stages along the way, and focused on different aspects of the site. For example, StartEngine focused specifically on being the #1 in Real Shares and Equity raises so they can easily transition to StartEngine Secondary. Republic, on the other hand, focused on getting an App and rushing that to market. Further, they have been adding more and more social features, such as follows, posts, messaging, etc.

Each of these has its own perks, but in a new and rapidly expanding market, companies have…

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We often hear about the “greats” when it comes to investing. Everyone wants to find the “Next big thing” and so the Tesla’s and Apple’s of the world thrive, while the value plays rarely share the limelight. While there is a lot of money to be made in the Tesla’s of the world and those that are at the forefront of innovation, value plays can reap many of the same benefits and returns.

In terms of Startups, I am simply referencing companies that haven’t quite had the same viral appeal as many of the companies on StartEngine. These are companies…

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Equity Crowdfunding is an extremely new market in the United States, and with that comes a number of challenges. One of the largest complaints from everyday investors is the lack of liquidity. Investing in startups is both risky, and typically takes a year, minimum, to see a return. In many instances, it might take multiple years, if it ever truly exits. When investing in startups the idea is to heavily diversify in hopes that one has a successful exit.

Unfortunately, the types of exits are limited, and you might invest early in a company that significantly appreciates in value, but…

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LaneAxis has been at the top of the “Most Momentum” page for StartEngine for weeks now, and for good reason. The blockchain-powered logistics software company is looking to take on the freight broker industry head-on with their patented, brokerless, logistics system.

LaneAxis claims to be the only brokerless logistics system, and one of the only blockchain-powered logistics software.

About LaneAxis

LaneAxis is a blockchain-powered, brokerless, logistics software that connects truckers directly to shippers. They have built a complete all-in-one system that truck drivers can use for free to collect loads, get paid, and find jobs. …

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Many people read the previous numbers and witnessed the nosedive in many random stocks, but the official numbers just came through. What some call a complete shock, I personally don’t find surprising at all. They utilized over 500% leverage and ended up losing over $110 Billion dollars in essentially a massive pump and dump they got caught on the wrong side of.

This really is nothing new. Rich people with lots of money typically will overleverage that money to propel gains on large sums of money. The issue being, it basically always backfires. It can be seen time and time…

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Many people simply buy these companies with the hopes of future growth. Sometimes, you can get amazing perks, discounts, and bonuses from purchasing equity in the company along with your investment though. A $500 investment, might return a couple hundred in rewards, discounts and many other free things. Being able to test the product personally can give you first hand knowledge of how good (or bad) their product might be. If it’s something you find useful, it can even lower the valuation and sweeten the pot a bit!

Note, all of these companies can be coupled with the 10% Owners…

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Law School Student at the University of Kentucky Army Reserve Officer - I write about Startups, StartEngine, Investing, and Finance related stories.

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