It can be hard to know if your investment is doing well when it’s a startup and early investment. These resources can help!

So, you’ve made an investment in a Startup, or through equity crowdfunding… now what? Obviously, it’s mostly just waiting, and loosely following what they’re doing, but a…

Early Piestro investors might be sitting on a windfall after the announcement… and it's not too late to invest.

For those that don’t know what I am talking about, Piestro recently closed an equity crowdfunding campaign on StartEngine that valued the company at $12m. The company makes artisanal pizzas in…

1200% Return? Has VC funding officially been democratized?

Like many things in life, Venture Capitalism and investing in startups was pretty much exclusive to the wealthy and well-connected. It’s safe to say that’s not the case anymore. Equity Crowdfunding is a product of the JOBS Act of 2015 that allows…

Caleb Naysmith <- My Referral Code! I am a Law School student, Army Officer, and I write about Startups and Equity Crowdfunding!!!

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