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I have seen a lot of concerns about the 3 new companies going on StartEngine and whether they will follow the same trends as StartEngine stock. For those unaware, StartEngine has had a number of raises over the years ranging from a couple of dollars to $13/share most recently, then launched on Secondary. It initially shot up to as high as $27, then has since traded around $10/share. While I obviously cannot predict the future, there is some much-needed context going into these stock listings.


Volume is the biggest issue with Secondary currently. I am not going to get into…

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In another exciting update coming from the LaneAxis team, Axis Token, their flagship utility token, will be listed on ProBit, one of the largest crypto exchanges in the world. ProBit is currently sitting at the #23 largest exchange by volume, which is a big deal for Axis Token.

Listing on large private exchanges can often be a turning point for newer cryptos, as the increased awareness, buyers, and easy ability to buy can often add legitimacy to a product, and send the token price soaring. It remains to be seen what will become of LaneAxis and AxisToken, but there has…

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Marshmallow Jetpack (MMJP) is one of the newer raises on StartEngine, looking to capitalize on the inevitable shift to NFT’s in the gaming industry. In order to know “the play’’ you have to know a bit about blockchain, NFT’s, and a bit about the gaming industry. Don’t worry, all your questions will be answered here.

What are NFT’s?

NFT stands for “Non-fungible token”, and essentially, it’s digital property. NFT’s can be anything on the internet, but it generally is something related to a picture, video, 3d art, or something along those lines. If you can put it in a file of some sort…

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This will be an interesting turning point for StartEngine. Usually, only a couple of large raises expire at a time, which are then replaced with equally large raises to ensure there are always solid companies to look into and invest on the site. As well, there is usually one or two large Reg A offerings expiring at once because seeing those massive investment numbers piques new investor's interests. …

The Token is off to a bit off a rocky start, so what's going on?

After a phone call with Rick (CEO of LaneAxis), some emails with the COO, and a bit of research, I have a bit of a better idea of what's going on now officially with the Axis token.

The Remedy

To kind of ease some tension upfront, they are currently remedying the situation by:

  1. Moving up the listing date for their centralized exchanges. These will be announced in the coming days.
  2. Staking is being finalized and will be added in July. …

This all in one event company is trying to revolutionize the event industry

EventCombo is an interesting case in my opinion. There won’t be much of an introduction here because it’s hard to explain the “interesting case” without diving deep into the bull and bear aspects of the company. The main context going into this is the fact that this raise is currently sitting at a measly $4000 raised, but all indications point to an at least somewhat strong underlying business. …

Odds are, you haven’t even heard of most of these companies either

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Whether or not these are good or bad investments isn’t necessarily determinative of their revenue, but there is something to say about these companies. These companies are comfortably past proof of concept, and now just working towards scale, and expansion. That is a vital step for most companies, and a step many companies don't make it past. That doesn’t mean these companies are a sure thing by any means either. …

These are the best investments on StartEngine that cater to you, the consumer.

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Consumer brands are simply those that are bought by the individual, rather than selling to other companies or in bulk to various entities. Generally, consumer brands actually do quite well on StartEngine because people either buy their product and enjoy it or want the product to come to market because they could see themselves using it. Telling investors about how their product benefits others, and how useful this is to companies in the abstract can be a harder sell, and hence why they flop sometimes.

These companies…

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This is probably the most asked question I get from new members. Quite frankly… It depends. There are plenty of ways to see a return on the site, and many companies have already utilized those avenues. While I can’t be sure that I know of every company on the site that has issued a return, I do know a enough to answer your question.

Obviously every company you choose won’t be a winner, but several companies that people have chosen have become winners. …

This StartEngine Startup is taking a tourist town specialty to the world market.

I tend to stay away from alcohol-related investments because the market is so crowded and moves so fast it’s hard to really find a winner in a market of already risky investments. Trying to figure out which one will take off is hard as is, and breweries that don’t adapt tend to not survive without a dedicated base. That being said, HardScoop might be the one that makes me change my mind.

This obviously isn't a traditional alcohol investment obviously, which is why I find it interesting…

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