The long-awaited, much-rumored IPO is official.

At the Knightscope Annual Shareholders Meeting, Knightscope officially announced they will be going public on the NASDAQ! A host of people have wondered when the equity crowdfunding darling would officially make the leap, and it seems it might be by the end of the year!

Here’s a full video explaining many of the details, including the official announcement from the CEO himself:

Why is this such a big deal?

This is a big deal in many capacities. First, it's HUGE for equity crowdfunding in general, also, a big win for the shareholders. Obviously, there’s a lot of potentials here for…

With a few days left, you might want to check into these companies!

All great things must come to an end. In this instance, it’s some equity crowdfunding raises on StartEngine. There’s some pretty good companies coming to an end in the next few days and you should definitely check them out before they're gone!


No, that’s not a greeting! That’s the company behind a highly popular product that claims to help treat hangovers! Their campaign, seen here:

Is set to end at the end of the month and currently sitting around 1.62 Million total amount raised.

So what makes…

One of the most anticipated launches in Equity Crowdfunding history just launched, now’s your chance to invest!

StartEngine, the largest equity crowdfunding platform in the U.S., just launched its own equity crowdfunding raise. The company is looking to raise $55m at a valuation of $786m. Thus far, it’s been seemingly well-received, having raised over $2.2m in the first day alone, and nearly 6 million in the first week. This is also potentially on track to be the largest equity crowdfunding raise in the entire industry to date. There have been mixed emotions from this, with some saying the valuation is…

A labor shortage in low-paying jobs is sweeping the nation. Check out these automation startups to invest in the inevitable shift in these industries.

We have all seen the memes and politics behind the labor shortage. There’s been no shortage of theories behind what has caused the shortage, from lazy employees and stimulus-related issues to a “wage issue, not a labor issue”. Other’s say it’s simply the pandemic excluding the workforce, or even killing them off, and a host of other theories.

Whatever the reason, many savvy investors are wondering “How can I make money off this?” …

With 4 companies now live on Secondary, many companies might be asking themselves if it’s worth it.

StartEngine Secondary is a ‘Secondary’ trading platform for startups that have raised on StartEngine (And soon, any company that has raised through Equity Crowdfunding) to actively trade their shares. There are some regulatory burdens and otherwise, that are required to trade on this platform, so many founders might be questioning “Is it worth it”. Personally, I will just be writing a lot of this from the outside looking in, as I have no association with StartEngine nor am I a founder. That being…

The Visionary Game developer behind one of the most popular games, ever, plans to create “a new place to live”

The mission of game developers since day 1 has been to take the players into another world. That world has always been severely limited though. Whether that be a 5 minute round or a map in an RPG, there’s only so much someone can truly discover. As technology has progressed, the scope and capacity of these worlds have grown more and more. Battle Royales create 100 people worlds that last 30 minutes to an hour, of pure chaos. Games like…

After a massive year for Equity Crowdfunding, Sites like are looking to get in the game and take on the King.

The New site comes in a time of expansion for the industry. Like any industry, as it grows, naturally people will start looking for a piece of the pie. Right now, KingsCrowd is leading the industry in Equity Crowdfunding analytics, analysis, and statistics, but that could change soon. “Sharky” is a seemingly new site that has since popped up not only looking for a piece of the pie, but looking on to take on the ‘King’ itself.


This Saturday I am excited to announce a fireside chat and AMA session with the CEO and Founder of AEXLABS and VAIL VR, the first-person VR shooter game. The AMA will take place on my Discord Channel, and take place via the Clubhouse feature.

Here’s the link:

The AMA and Chat will take place on the above link, on Saturday the 11th, at 11am EST.

The Discord is the latest group in my recent push to have communities for open discussion related to Equity Crowdfunding. For those looking to look learn more about Equity Crowdfunding in general, I manage…

Want to be a part-owner in a barrel of luxury wine? Then check this out!

A few weeks ago, I was talking about the lack of content and releases on StartEngine’s part. Here I am now, with so much content to write about that I can’t keep up. Well Played. While I do have a number of other articles in the works, I wanted to get this one out there because there are currently 5 of these Wine raises present, and half of them are already maxed out. In total, there’s only a little over $100,000 to raise between the…

After a period of silence, StartEngine has definitely picked up the pace in recent weeks. A host of UI and Website updates, several raises launched alternative investments, and much much more. I definitely love to see all the progress, and I am excited to see what is next to come. Here’s a few I have been looking at, and idea’s I think would definitely help the site experience as a whole.

5. A StartEngine Managed, Diversified Startup Portfolio

Republic’s Autopilot kind of gave me this idea. While I believe Autopilot simply invests in companies for you automatically based on your criteria, I think something similar for StartEngine…

Caleb Naysmith <- My Referral Code! I am a Law School student, Army Officer, and I write about Startups and Equity Crowdfunding!!!

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